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The most frustrating game ever!

Please fix the bugs!!! I'd give it zero star if I could...

high scores don't work

Why don't the high scores ever update on the worldwide scoreboard?


ios 4.2 upgrade and what the sign again if there are bugs. Sigil give a quick solution to upgrade.

Might as well be ant-size tiles

The tiles are way too small. It's hard to select the tiles.

Get rid of the loud ads!

I was unhappy that I had to purchase this app because the free version started to show very loud advertsements before the start of each game. I couldn't even turn off the sound of the advertisements! It was very annoying.

Teeny weenie tiles

I've had the app for a year Now and still frustrated with it. Tiles are too small. Sometimes it won't let me select a free tile. Zoom function would be helpful. Lots if game are unsolvable.

Seems fun till, till it stops working

The game starts out alright, but half way through your game, certain tiles become on clickable. No amount of poking, dragging your finger, etc will allow you to select the tile, even though the hint tells you that is indeed the one you need to click. Don't waste your money, the game will only frustrate you.

Game tiles are horrible

Don't buy this game. You can't select matching tiles without it select the one next to it. I only got this game because I like to be timed but at this rate with the tiles not working a rather delete the game and keep playing Aki Mahjong. Stay away from this game.

Needs more settings!

I bought this app a long time ago and though it was decent enough I thought by now they would have made changes. It only gives you one type of tile design, one backround design and one layout. This should have been corrected at the best a month or two after it released. I would play this game much more if they updated. Oh and please move the menu and hint buttons back to the top of the screen. It's way to easy to hit them by accident.


This game is one of my all time favorits. However, the tiles are too small to see and to tap on.

Advertisement deleted in "updated" version, BUT . . .

iMahjong Premium has been updated to remove the advertising (thanks!) BUT: the Jirbo "welcome" screen still loads first and very SLOWLY, and delays loading of the game; the Hint and Menu buttons are still down toward the bottom of the screen (leftover from when the advertisement was at the top) and inconveniently placed; please return the buttons placement to the top of the screen, and shorten or remove the Jirbo screen. I love playing this game. I DO NOT like being misled: Jirbo added this latest update without stating that a persistent, top-of-the-screen advertisement had been added -- even though this is the paid version of iMahjong.

small tiles

the gameplay is nice but the tiles are super small

Still waiting for that fix!

OK, how long does it take to remove ads from this game? I feel cheated not after buying this game with the promise of no ads.

Bold Deception, Buggy App

I paid for this app awhile back but it has hardly improved over the months. The latest update brought no real bug relief that I noticed but instead added advertisements ... for a paid app. Worse, they moved the top buttons down into the board where they are easilly triggered by mistake. What kind of cheap developer does this take? The same kind that used annoying naming tactics to rise to the top of the AppStore list until Apple caught on. I'll be avoiding Jirbo from this point on. Shady tactics to make an extra buck loses my business every time. Shame on you!

Relaxing, but hard

Relaxing app, but I would have to agree with others. The tiles are squished to closely together & need to be a bit larger. Also lose the ads & put in a pause button! No one should have to see ads if we pay for any apps! I think everyone would agree with a "no ads policy" for any paid app. Improve the above issues & it's a 5 star app!

Beware ads

Just got the latest update to the app and it now has ads attached. Will no longer be using it.

Very Buggy

Playing on the small screen is not too bad if you play in landscape mode. However, this game is just plain buggy. If you stop play and restart a game later, many of the valid tiles are unselectable. This is exteremely frustrating! Also, as you run your finger over areas where there are no tiles, enlarged tiles show up as if you were over a valid tile. I love these types of games so this implementation is extremely disappointing. I gave this game 1 star because you can't give it zero.


Recent version has corrected some of the problems with tile selection. I don't know if this is the best mahjong tile game for te iPhone, but it is inexpesive and worth a try.


Tiles are way too small! Need to have less tiles for larger resolution

You get what you pay for

This game is fine for a .99 cent app but the tiles are to hard to press and they are way to small. If you don't feel like spending a ton on a dumb app that will get used once a month then go for it.

Love it!

Four stars rating. No fuzz game. Tried the free ones first - didn't need changing backgrounds etc. and then spend $$ where I can have this for one buck (9/6/08). Tiles fill screen efficiently (portrait format) - shows hints - reasonably responsive when selecting tiles (sometimes "sliding" your finger works better than "tapping"). Animation is good - 3D like and all... RECOMMENDED


Geez why not fix the problem? It has been long enough! Even now highlighting tiles is sometimes impossible.

Try something else

I've given up on this app. There's been plenty of time for updates to be released to fix the obvious issues but updates have not been provided. Moving on...

Cheap Mahjong

Pros: You can see all tiles at once, although those to the right of a taller tile stack can be almost hidden. Because you slide across the screen to highlight your choice of tile, fat fingers shouldn’t be a problem. It’s cheap. Cons: Often the tile you highlight is not activated for play. Sometimes a different one is activated, other times none at all. Eventually, I have always been able to get the tile I want, except when resuming a game after interruption, when it is impossible to activate many of the free tiles. There is only one layout. Summary: This can be very frustrating when the correct tile is not activated, but I’ve found it meets my needs for $.99.

Nice but...

I have yet to be able to win the game. It frustrates me. Sometimes I can't select both pieces that match. Besides all that it is worth the 0.99.

SRKING nails the bugs

I agree w/ SRKING. This app is buggy. If you never switch to another app., go to sleep, or do anything but sit and play, then it's fine. I've switched out of this app and upon return some of the tiles are huge! also, don't rotate from portrate to landscape you'll see the bugs. Save your money for another mahjong game

Tiles too small!

Tiles are too small and hard to select and as another reviewer wrote, the graphics are not optimized for the screen size. Turning the game sideways did little to improve it.

Sticking bug not fixed

Wasted a buck


Game does not function properly if you turn it off and try to continue later.


Some of the tiles are sticking even when there is a match from the "hint" button plus it's hard to get some on the tiles that are underneath. It would be nice to have a shuffle when you don't win the game :)

has a glitch!

Great game for the price, but has a glitch! If you come back to a saved game, receive phone call, etc. you cannot properly select tiles and the game has to be abandoned for a new game.


Please do NOT waste time or money on this app!!!!! The tiles are too small and you cannot adjust. You will end up deleting it like i did!! Get moonlite majong instead.

Graphics too small.

I like Mahjong, however the tiles of this app were a bit too small.

Get the Raid out...

... There are lots of bugs in this app. Everything does NOT work. It is frustrating because you cannot pick up certain rules. You'll be chugging along and then tiles get stuck. It's quite frustrating to click on the 'hint' button only to have the game display tiles that you cannot select... BOOO!!!

Amazing at .99cents

After bug fixes. This version rocks. Nice sounds, color and big tiles. Worth ever penny. More layouts would be nice for future upgrades.

Not Recommended

A lot of bugs. . . There are tiles that you cannot pick up even if it is at the corner, and a lot of tiles that pops up (zooms) when touched, are not even the tiles that appears on the screen. Very frustrating. Not recommended.

Finish your game in one go

If you press the HOME button during a game and return to the application later, you won't be able to select available tiles (generally on the left of a row). This is true even when a HINT shows you a pair of available tiles. If the game cost $.01 more, I'd complain bitterly.

Tiles don't work after exiting

I don't know what bugs they fixed in the update but I still am having problems with selecting tiles after I have backed out and continued a game in progress. If I starts new game when I get back into the app everything seems fine,but if I get out of it and then continue the game I started then there are some tiles that should be available for me to select that I can't pick.

Better than the free one

I really like the game and it looks good too. Bugs all fixed for me in new ver

Still doesn't work

Despite the update the game is still buggy. You still can't select certain tiles, and I haven't been able to finish a game because of it. Get the free version at moonlight mahjong. It works without any bugs.. The graphics aren't nearly as good, but who plays mahjong for the graphics?


This game is poop. You can't even finish one board. If you want to smash your phone, buy this.

It's okay

I bought this game, being a fan of Mahjong - but after seeing Moonlight Mahjong lite (the free version) and what the can do with screen rotation, grid rotation, zooming, alternate grids, etc - I realize how much better this could have been and how much better iPhone apps can be. You owe yourself to check that out 1st!


Really bad detection on the board kills the game even at $.99. The free mahjong game is much better.

Does't work.

Late in any game, you can't highlight the right tile to have it removed. Completely wasted my $.99

I liked the website version better

I wish we could turn it sideways. I hate it when you click on a tile, it starts annoyingly bouncing. half the time it wouldn't even click the right tile and flashed/bounced one that didn't even exist in that area. I bought this, thinking it would be like the website version before this one, which I was addicted to. I was SO WRONG. I wish they kept the website version running instead of making me waste $.99 on a game that is so frustrating to play. ugh


Does not work well!!! Tiles are not recognized!

Doesn't work well

I love Mahjong but this app is very frustrating. It simply doesn't work well. It often shows a different tile than the one selected. Selection is hit or miss. I'm glad I didn't spend much or I would be quite upset.


The tiles are hard to press & then tiles that are not even there pop up when you scroll your finger across the screen! Otherwise it is a fun game.


this game has extremely bad fingertip navigation. it is very difficult to "grab" tiles on the edges if there is another tile next to it on a higher level. i would not recomend this game. it is not worth the meager 99 cents it costs. maybe i have fat fingers, but there is no zoom, or anything else to aid in getting those hard to reach tiles.

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